Package Common

Interface Summary
DrawingCanvasInterface Interface for class DrawingCanvas.
OutputPanelInterface Interface for class DrawingCanvas.
ViewerInterface Interface for viewer class that exposes certain functions (needed to resolve dependencies between packages).

Class Summary
Defs Wrapper class for common definitions.
MatrixInversion This class is responsible for inverting a matrix for solving a linear equation Ax = b .
This is needed for finding the physical coordinates from screen coordinates (for example, in showing mouse coordinates on the viewer in real time).
Here we need to solve the following equation for X_physical
X_physical * Transformation_Matrix = X_screen
We know the screen coordinates (current mouse coordinates), but need the corresponding physical coodinates.
This is a singleton class.
SessionMgr Session manager class.
StringWrapper Wrapper class for passing and receiving string values from functions.

Enum Summary
Defs.Axis Axis enum for parametrizing X, Y and Z axis.